A Tri-Nation Collaboration

Between successful, highly-respected providers of care and education.

Busy Bees International Preschool boasts an expert team of experienced and highly-commended educators from the UK, Singapore and Malaysia. At the helm of our global education team is our Curriculum Leader who has been recruited through Busy Bees in the United Kingdom. Our Curriculum Leader will be a visible and motivational presence for learning in our centre and will be complemented by our Principal; together they comprise our exemplary Senior Management Team. The high-level local knowledge and expertise of the Principal ensure that national expectations and requirements are exceeded using our global practices, and together they will lead Busy Bees to achieve enviable status as a centre of educational excellence in China.


With degree-led educational knowledge and expertise, our Curriculum Leader is a specialist in working with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum used in the UK, and has inspired our Busy Bees International Curriculum here in China. As a motivational manager, our Curriculum Leader empowers our team of international teachers to lead the learning for your child using sector-leading practices from around the globe, and their role ensures the perfect blend of personalities, talents and attributes within our team are skilfully deployed to harness the talents of your children.


Appointed for their talent and knowledge, we are bringing to China a team of international educators privileged to be able to share their skills and knowledge with your children and lead them in their earliest learning journeys. Every teacher is degree-educated and the infant department is recruited from the United Kingdom, while the talented educators working with our children aged 2 – 6 years have been recruited by Busy Bees Singapore. The global team therefore bring with them key knowledge and experience and the added advantage of being native English speakers. The skills of our team continue beyond the classroom – with an international artist in residence, we are offering the opportunity for children to explore the world of art, technology and design under the specialist leadership of our Busy Bees International Artist.


Our highly-trained and dedicated teaching team have a commitment to their profession to ensure they remain at the forefront of educational and developmental movements. At Busy Bees, we not only embrace this desire for lifelong learning but we are proud to facilitate this thirst for knowledge. To achieve this we work in partnership with the Busy Bees Training Academy in the UK who offer an outstanding level of training as deemed by the Parliamentary Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. This company philosophy for learning and success ensures all children and families who chose Busy Bees International Preschool are selecting the consistently highest quality learning establishment for children to commence their lifelong learning.


As an employer of choice, Busy Bees values your children’s educational and developmental experiences and an essential element of this is also protecting the safety of all children in our care. All staff working with us have been successful through a series of interviews, which also include observed interactions with children, key skills assessments and the sourcing of at least two references from previous employers. We attract the very best educators and we also attract the safest, as demonstrated though our robust recruitment processes. In addition to ensuring staff have the talents and attributes every child deserves, we also complete safety checks for all staff we recruit, including health, police and criminal checks completed by the authorities of the country in which our staff last worked. These checks serve to ensure that our staff are working to international recruitment standards for the safety of the children of the world.


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